Environment and Animal Facts

It is no secret that animals depend on human beings to keep the environment safe and clean for them. Without human intervention, animals would be left to fend for themselves without any hope for survival. However, some human intervention actually kills animals. Machines, specifically cars, cause mass amounts of air pollution. This kills trees, plants and animals, such as birds. Mammals breathe air, and when animals die from poor air quality, this becomes a great concern for human beings. If you think about how much pollution it takes to hurt a species of animals, then it truly does become alarming. The only way to stop the disappearance of animals is to follow environmental guidelines. This ensures that all animals are in the best possible care, and it allows people to assess what they should do to help.

So, why is it important to protect animals anyway? Animals are an important indicator of the environment’s health. Consider drinking water. If a water source is not suitable for fish to survive in, then it is certainly not going to be good for people to drink. Large fish kills are prime indicators that a major issue is taking place. Food is another reason for the concern. Animals provide the basis for human and other animal food. Without them, people would starve. Poor environmental practices cause plants to die. This takes away the food source for countless organisms in the process. It is every person’s duty to do what it takes to make sure animals do not suffer because of pollution.