Important Facts

The environment is a major issue among people who care about their future. Most people agree that younger generations are the key to a successful future in a rapidly expanding world. Technology has certainly helped people to become more self sufficient, but it has also caused pollution issues. This is why it needs to be the duty of every school to teach kids how to help the world that they live in. Too many people take for granted the simple things in life, such as food. However, in a highly polluted environment, there is no food. Science teachers often allow classes to conduct pollution experiments to see how it effects plants and animals. This is done to illustrate the ways in which pollution causes problems.

Schools show students the best ways to conserve water. This is especially important in areas which are prone to drought conditions, such as places in California. In addition to saving water, students learn to recycle. Innovative teachers show students how recycling enables them to create new products without spending money. Perhaps one of the most impactful lessons, however, is a stream clean up. Cleaning up a stream requires much more than just scooping up litter from the water. It also requires you to dispose of the garbage in a safe manner. Water testing measures are another way for schools to show kids how many pollutants are in a certain volume of water. Schools have a responsibility to help kids to protect the world that they live in.